The Executive Board

Jiří Přibáň

Founding Director, Cardiff University

Specialisms include social theory, philosophy of law, constitutional theory, legitimacy and legality

Gwennan Hammett

CLS Administrator, Cardiff University

Dave Cowan

Cardiff University

Specialisms include housing, land, government, poverty, and administrative justice

Rachel Cahill-O’callaghan

Cardiff University

Specialisms include legal decision making, values and judicial difference, judicial appointments

Frederick Cram

Cardiff University

Jo Hunt

Cardiff University

Specialisms include EU law, political science, territorial governance

Caer Smyth

Cardiff University

Specialisms include environmental law, procedural justice and ethnographic methods

Bernadette Rainey

Cardiff University

Specialisms include human rights and equality law, refugee law

International Advisory Board

Joxe Ramon Bengoetxea

International Institute for the Sociology of Law

Anthony Bradney

Keele University

Roger Cotterrell

Queen Mary University of London

Dave Cowan

Bristol University

Fiona Cownie

Keele University

Mavis Maclean

Oxford University

Linda Mulcahy

Oxford University

Centre for Socio-Legal Studies

Martin Ramstedt

Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology

David Sugarman

Lancaster University

William Twining

University College London

Sally Wheeler

Australian National University

Swethaa Ballakrishnen

UC Irvine

Paul Blokker

Bologna University

Martha Fineman

Emory University

Rosie Harding

Birmingham University

Atina Krajewska

Birmingham University

Ron Levi

University of Toronto

David Nelken

King’s College London University

Oren Perez

Bar Ilan University

Sharyn Roach Anleu

Flinders University

Cyrus Tata

Strathclyde University

Brian Tamanaha

Washington University in St. Louis

Centre of Law and Society Fellows

Current Fellows

Aydin Atilgan

Bahcesehir Cyprus University

Research theme: A historical-functionalist approach to Turkish constitutionalism

Elena Caruso

University of Kent

Research theme: The Implementation of the Italian Abortion Law 194 and the Collapse of the Feminist Movement (1978-1981)

Elena Freer

Berfin Osso

Dawid Bunikowski

Lukas Cervinka

Kasia Krzyzanowska

Greg Martin

Petr Agha

Previous Fellows

Susan Bartie

University of Tasmania

Research theme: Towards a Socio-Legal History of Australian Environmental Lawyers

Dawid Bunikowski

University of Eastern Finland

Research theme: Religion in Poland: Constitutional Issues and Moral Dilemmas

Lyana Francot

Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

Research theme: Law and Temporality

Gerard Maquire

Maynooth University, Ireland

Research theme: Environmental Justice

Catriona Mullay

European University Institute, Florence

Research theme: Scottish Constitutional Identity and the Continuity Bill

Rosemary Mwanza

University of Eastern Finland

Research theme: Leviathan Unbound: The Human Right to a Clean and Health Environment and its Relation to Remedies for Corporate Environmental Damage

Alice Storey

Birmingham City University

Research theme: Capital Punishment in the USA and Tracking Engagement with the UN Human Rights Committee